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Leftfield, Electro, Synth-pop, Minimal Wave

Compiled By - Volga Select

Tracklist :

01 Nini Raviolette - Suis-Je Normale (4:03)
02 J.J. Burnel - Euroman (3:29)
03 Ruth - Roman Photo (5:02)
04 Mathématiques Modernes - Disco Rough (I. Smagghe Edit) (3:59) Mixed By - Ivan Smagghe 05 Metal Boys - Carnival (1:45)
06 (Hypothetical) Prophets, The - Person To Person (6:08)
07 (Hypothetical) Prophets, The - Wallenberg (6:18)
08 Kas Product - So Young But So Cold (3:00)
09 Charles De Goal - Synchro (4:00)
10 Artefact - Mae (3:18)
11 Moderne - Switch On Bach (3:08)
12 Jacno - Triangle (3:29)
13 Tim Blake - Lighthouse (6:46)
14 Droids - The Force (Part 1) (3:26)
15 Bernard Szajner - Welcome (To Deathrow) (6:13)
16 Richard Pinhas - Iceland (9:38)

Link to download:

"This collection, highlighting obscure underground post-punk and new wave from France was released on Tigersushi Recordings, the record-label arm of the Tigersushi website, devoted to cataloging and tracing obscure connections between underground, post-punk, dance and avant-garde music. Previous compilations from Tigersushi included K.I.M.'s superlative Miyage CD, as well as No More G.D.M., which together contained more leftfield classics and unjustly obscure artists than anyone could shake a stick at. So Young But So Cold, compiled by Volga Select, is a bit less generous with its treasures. Perhaps the chosen time period and geographical area narrow the field too much, forcing Ivan Smagghe and Marc Collin to include many tracks that have a hard time living up to "lost classic" status. However, the disc still includes its share of tasty nuggets, chief among them a pair of stunning tracks by a group called The (Hypothetical) Prophets. Like most people, I'd never heard of this early-80's French new-wave group until this compilation. Their single "Person to Person" seems to have been influenced by The Human League, but takes off in its own idiosyncratic trajectory, lyrically and musically. Male and female singers describe their romantic fantasies in a monotone, proto-HipHop style: "I want a middle-aged, plump and cuddly, distinguished, hairy-chested, double-breasted, gray-templed, tall attractive, rich and active father figure." This against a minimal rhythm-box beat decorated with analog detritus and electronic drones, with occasional Beach Boys-esque expansions into vocal harmony. The Prophets' other appearance, "Wallenberg," is a dark synthscape intertwining mutated vocals narrating stories from World War II, with frequent blasts of saxophone, eerily evoking the later work of The Legendary Pink Dots. The first track on the compilation "Suis-Je Normale" ("I Am Normal") reminded me of Broadcast (or Broadcast's forerunner The United States of America), with its minimalist synths and Jane Birkin-esque vocal delivery. Mathematiques Moderne's "Disco Rough" has a raucous beat, but its chorus is unfortunately reminiscent of Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton's excruciating "Islands in the Stream." The Metal Boys were an offshoot of underappreciated electro-punks Metal Urbain, but their track "Carnivale" proves that the talent didn't come along for the ride. Charles de Goal's "Synchro" bears an unmistakable resemblance to The Vapors' hit "Turning Japanese." Was Moderne's "Switch On Bach" meant to be the French response to Falco's "Rock Me Amadeus"? It's hard to say, but at least this collection ends on a fairly strong note, with a row of Kraftwerkian space-rock and proto-techno tracks. Best among them is Nietzschean scholar Richard Pinhas' funereal, Tangerine Dream-influenced "Iceland," a densely atmospheric foray into the ice-cold nether regions of arctic tundra. A more inconsistent collection is not likely to be found, but Tigerushi's So Young But So Cold still has much to recommend." - Jonathan Dean

"Ministry and Peaches, Talking Heads and Fatboy Slim - I hear all these and more as seminal influences here in this very listenable CD, a snapshot of an apparently brilliant little epoch in early French synth-based pop. What matters here is not the era but the songs, invariably good (whether your taste) and strikingly original and, moreover, very good-sounding by any era's standards. The vocals are quite affecting, at moments ethereal, at times just so European and hot. There's real fire in some tracks - a drum machine and a moog synth pattern CAN really rock out and be downright sexy, coming from the right person's mind. That is the timeless triumph of the very good collected material on this disk."

"I came across this CD by surprise, but once I found out it was released only in France on the seminal TIGERSUSHI label, I knew it was gonna be good - and wasn't let down. A fascinating, eye-opening, jaw-dropping, and even highly-educational selection of the cream of the obscure, cult 70s/80s French electro/no-wave/synth-pop/punk movement - as compiled by BLACK STROBE's IVAN SMAGGHE - I know a lot of music, but many of these bands/singles I had never heard of, and they're all flawless in their own DIY way - if you like bands like The Normal, early Mute stuff, John Carpenter soundtracks, etc., this is for you"

About the artists ( :

Nini Raviolette’s unique EP came out on Celluloid in 1980. Her songwriter is none other than Alain Burosse the man behind landmark cyberpunk tv shows ‘Haute Tension’ & ‘l’oeil du cyclone’.
Charles De Goal is the Neue Franzosiche Welle… Very mysterious he was signed on New Rose after an initial experience as Coma’s bassist and produced a kind of synthetic New Wave, dancey and so early 80s.
Thierry Muller remains largely ignored whilst his deliveries under the Illitch and Ruth monikers have been quoted as massive influences by Nurse With Wound or the Legendary Pink Dots. Ruth covers his poppier angle with remnants of austerity and robotic groove.
J.J. BURNEL (from The Stranglers)
« In a time when rock n roll’s story was systematically made outside of France, Jean-Jacques Burnel was one rare motive for pride. Bass-player and occasional Stranglers singer - one of the pioneering UK punk outfit alongside the Sex Pistols, the Clash, Jam or The Damned – he was an hard boiled Normand and nearly French. The son of a couple of Caen bartenders who migrated to England in the fifties, J. J. was born in London. His French is anointed by a taint of English accent and some Anglicism appear here and there (see. La Folie) Being coined as a "froggy" had a great impact on his personality for sure. "When i was younger there was a real anti-French feeling in England. My mother used to kiss me goodbye in front of school and it was just another reason for the rest of the kids to pick on me. I have garnered a lot of aggressiveness and rage from those years that I then liberated in the music”...Dark draws on Dark, noted Burnel. “We (along side The Stranglers) went borderline too many a time. When we did the Meninblack sessions, we all decided to take heroin before entering the studio. Hugh and I then had a very tough time quitting » (Quotes from an interview featured in Le Monde 17.02.04). Now it’s clearer!
here’s barely no information on Mathématiques Modernes, but for the name of their illustrious producer: Jacno (it ain’t hard to tell). A cover design courtesy of the then debuting photographer duo ‘Pierre et Gilles’ .
Pioneering punk rock within Stinky Toys (a combo that was allegedly un-earthed by Malcom MacLaren). Jacno records with Elli Meideros, composes the anti-hit ‘Rectangle’, produces Etienne Daho’s debut LP, « Amoureux Solitaire » with Lio, worked for Daniel Darc, Pauline Lafont, Higelin etc. etc.
Métal Urbain was scandalously ignored within our frontiers. They were the first authentic punk band to jettison guitars and make extensive usage of synths, they were the first signing, RT001 on Rough Trade’s mythical imprint. Metal Boys is one of their ‘nom de plume’. A change that reflects a time when they faced a confused identity and recorded alongside the English performer, China.
Lead by Bernard Szajner and Karel Beer, these Prophets were probably the most daring - and most underrated - French band of the early 80s. Their mish-mash of proto-sampling, electronic sounds and weird instrumentations is still compelling today.
It’s easy to tell the reasons for Szajner’s widespread influence on electronica from first listen. Be it Aphex Twin or Carl Craig. Although his records and legacy were lost on many and often-time deemed as too avant-garde. Szajner started out as a mere sound engineer operating Klaus Schulze and Tim Blake’s lightshows and is the creator of the first ever laser harp - ripped off him by Jean Michel Jarre. In 1980, he records his first ever album Some Deaths Take Forever, a technoïd UFO that sounds as if it was made in Detroit in the nineties. Alongside Karel Beer, Szajner is also a pivotal member of the Hypothetical Prophets.
Artefact is a perfect example of cyberpunk. Completely out there lyrically wise, the climaxes of paranoia, moist cyber-sex and alleged cyber-drugs would later be reflected in Dantec’s own literary output (Babylon Babies).
Tim Blake had a short solo career when Gong’s drummer decided to put him on leave because he didn’t like his keyboard-playing. He joined them again in 1976 and also collaborated to Hawkwind –which might be not the most good taste thing he’s done. In his own way the precursor of mayhem laser shows ‘à la Jean Michel Jarre’ with his demented Crystal Machine project that inaugurated his collaboration with none other than Bernard Szajner. Blake was a French speaker and recorded all his albums in France.
A young philosphy graduate from, Pinhas was an expert guitar player and a studio shark when he joined Schizo in 1972, a band that made extensive usage of electronic sounds before he created Heldon a proteiform outfit of which he remained the only permanent member. One of the first ever French independent label founder, Pinhas delivered with Iceland moody ambient touches depicting an icy imaginary landscape. To this day the man is revered as much for his musical instincts as for his expert work on Nietzsche and Deleuze.
Fabrice Cuitade was a young label manager at Barclay in the seventies. He founds Egg Records as a side proejct with a view to compete with Virgin (first artist signings include Heldon among others). Right after seeing “Star Wars” for the first time, he decides to illustrate his concept of “The Force” on this rarer-than- rare, one and only release.
The de facto perfect Gothic couple. Spatsz, is a former psychiatric asylum medic residing in Nancy and turned machine-sorcerer whilst Mona Soyoc, is a born cat-woman hailing from Stamford but with Argentine ascent and grace to match. One of the landmark outfit of its time. Legend has it that Try Out was recorded in a country house where they had all doors sealed and all windows blinkered. So cold…

More review:

Im planning to post the music of these artists.Here is the first post as a bonus :

NINI RAVIOLETTE - Suis-Je Normale Ep (1980)

Synth-pop, Experimental

Nini Raviolette (synth & vocal) /L.d. Track (machine)/Erich Zann (guitar)/Doc Nosseoc (bass)

Tracklist :

01 Suis-Je Normale
02 Je Tu Nous
03 Indicateur Ou Dragueur

Link to download:

"As for Nini Raviolette, well I know next to nothing about her! This fascinating slice of stripped-to-the-bone Electro-Pop is practically a one-track distillation of everything that is wonderful about the Laetitia Sadler-led Franco-pop stylings of Stereolab. Coming on like a austere bleepier version of their masterpiece "Music for The Amorphous Body Study Center" it should be more widely known. Tigersushi claim of this record that: "Her songwriter is none other than Alain Burosse the man behind landmark cyberpunk TV shows ‘Haute Tension’ & ‘L’Oeil du Cyclone’, but really I'm sure that means as little to them as it does to me."

"Suis je normale (minimal cold synth) in the same vein as o superman by laurie anderson"

I will continue this series...:)


Electronic, Pop
Pop Rock,Synth-pop,Alternative Rock,New Wave,Electro

VIDEO to watch :

VIDEO to download:
"Marcia Baila"


Artwork By - Rita Mitsouko & Atiai Composed By, Arranged By, Performer - Rita Mitsouko/Guitar [Framus, Telecaster], Acoustic Guitar [12 String Coronado Fender], Bass [Höfner], Synthesizer [Oberheim, Vcs3], Sampler [Emulator], Drum Programming [Rhythm Computer], Drums, Tambourin, Bells - Fred Chichin/ Photography - Bernard Pichon /Producer - Conny Plank ,Rita Mitsouko/Vocals, Keyboards [Elka Rhapsody], Organ, Piano, Synthesizer [Oberheim, Vcs3, Arp], Bass [Höfner], Guitar [Framus, Spanish Guitar], Drum Programming [Rhythm Computer], Drums - Catherine Ringer /Written-By - Ringer,Chichin

Tracklist :

01 Restez Avec Moi
02 Jalousie
03 Le Futur n°4
04 La Fille Venue Du Froid
05 Yaktagan
06 In My Tea
07 Marcia Baila
08 Oum Khalsoum
09 Amnésie
10 Don't Forget The Nite
11 Galoping
12 Dans La Steppe
13 Minuit Dansant
14 "Aie (Kriptonite Miss Splein)

Link to download:

"I love all french music, but rita mitsouko are a truly refreshing band, listening to this now is a bit eighties, but marcia, minuit danser and la jalousie are truly timeless classics.the music is very evocative, it transports you instantly to france in your mind."

"Holy gad, this album is 23 years old and it still sounds like the Future at times. I have a friend who to this day insists this is the single best New Wave album of that era. I'd argue for another by this same group or maybe a Split Enz title (True Colors)but I've always seen their point. Womderful if you love that era and are getting tired of the usual stuff heard on 80s stations. "Don't Forget the Night" and "Galoping" are probably my favorite songs by this band and are permanently in my Top 50. "Galoping" is just one of the most extraordinarily original bits of songwriting ever--music of the future we deserved; what pop should sound like in the year 2095 if we ever get back to having fun."

"It took me so long to find this recording, since it was ignored for so long, and overshadowed by the success of Les Rita Mitsouko's subsequent albums. In this case, as it is as well for many other artists, the first album is and will always be the best. You feel and hear the experimentation on this album. Even if many of the songs from this recording were re-worked on later albums, they are still fantastic, and in my opinion better, in their original state. While the Rita Mitsouko became this in-your-face punk group later in the 80s, on this album they seem to reveal a softer and more vulnerable side, maybe because they had not attainted a certain level of notoriety yet. The lyrics are deeper, the vocals more controlled and the music more tamed than on the later albums. Even if I think all of Les Rita Mitsouko's body of work is already legendary and forever unique, I still would choose this album over the others if I had to pick just one..."

"Fun music, very danceable. I like most of the tracks, but Marcia Bailla is the best!"


Producer - Catherine Ringer ,Fred Chichin ,Tony Visconti

Tracklist :

01 Les Histoires D'A (4:04)
02 Andy (5:30)
03 C'est Comme Ca (4:41)
04 Vol De Nuit (4:12)
05 Someone To Love (3:04)
06 Stupid Anyway (4:45)
07 Un Soir Un Chien (5:44)
08 Bad Days (5:03)
09 Tonite (5:11)
10 Nuit D'Ivresse (3:43)
11 Andy (English Version) (5:55)

Link to download:

"I had stumbled upon the vinyl album of "No Comprendo" back in the day when CDs were barely a blip on the musi-tech monitor (~ 1987). Back then, I had just gotten back from visiting France, and I was seriously craving sounds that were simply not a part of the local aural tradition. I had been overdosing on Indochine, and needed something edgier, more raucous, less bubble-gum. Enter Les Rita Mitsouko's "No Comprendo," and my life hasn't been the same since. The hard-edged music still holds up, even after the blessed departure of grunge, and Catherine Ringer's voice was as multifaceted then as it is now. After all this time, "Les Histoires d'A" is still my favorite on the album because it really showcases her beautifully flexible and emotive voice. Bjork, watch out."

""Music Fan from France" is right. One of their best albums, if not the best. A huge success in France back in 1986. A mix of Dance, Funk, Punk, Alternative and Latin music. You are a fan of the band and you do not have this album, go get it NOW! You do not know Les Rita Mitsouko but like good music, this album might be for you. BUY IT!"

"Excellent music - when I first saw the video to C'est Comme Ca I had to have that song - I do think well of that song and the video was superb - especially the dog with the bouncing head on the TV keeping time with the music. I don't have time to do a review of the video and song but believe me it is worth watching. So it was back in the mid '80's and I got on my bicycle and rode to Speyer to buy the LP at the French military PX! Rita somehow reminds me of the English group 'Transvision Vamp' as the lyrics and engergy of both groups does drive a hard beat and lyrics that truly make ya think out of the box! Ciao for now - Ric"

"I love love love this album. I had it on tape when I was a wee teenager and danced around my room singing to "Andy." Now I own it on c.d. and it is just as good--and I still dance around to "Andy." And, they are still popular in France! I was there last New Years and I heard Histoire d'A in a bar. I highly recommend this for any French Pop enthusiast--you will not be disappointed."


Featuring - Sparks (tracks: 1, 7, 11) ,Tony Visconti (tracks: 1 to 3, 6, 7, 9 to 11) /Mixed By - Jesse Johnson (tracks: 6, 7, 11) ,Tony Visconti /Producer - Tony Visconti

Tracklist :

01 Hip Kit (4:56) Guitar - Sam Smith/Vocals - Ginger
02 Smog (3:03) Guitar - Sam Smith
03 Mandolino City (2:12) Guitar - J.B. Mondino
04 Le Petit Train (5:46)
05 Perfect Eyes (3:30)
06 ongue Dance (4:45) Bass - Gilbert Monin/Drums - Jesse Johnson/Trumpet - Guy Barker
07 Singing In The Shower (4:22)
08 Petite Fille Princesse (3:33)
09 Harpie & Harpo (2:56)
10 Ailleurs (3:47)
11 Live In Las Vegas (4:18) Guitar - Jesse Johnson

Link to download:

"Catherine Ringer and Fred Chichin (who are Les Rita Mitsouko) are the greatest things to come out of France since Louis XIV and the Concorde! This is a wacky album of ear-candy at its sweetest! Enjoy the groove of "Hip Kit" with the Sparks! Get in better focus with "The Perfect Eyes of Science." Think "They Might Be Giants" meets Charles de Gaulle. I highly recommend their entire body of work- why not try the greatest hits album "Best Ov", while you're at it? "

"Les Rita Mitsouko rock the globe. High energy beats and ingenius lyrics. "Tongue Dance" is out of this world. "Smog" will have you dancing all night long. Vive la France!!!"

RE (1990)

Producer - Conny Plank (tracks: 9, 10) , Les Rita Mitsouko , Tony Visconti (tracks: 1 to 8, 11) Written By - Catherine Ringer (tracks: 1 to 10) , Fontenoy (tracks: 3) , Fred Chichin (tracks: 1 to 10) , Ron Mael (tracks: 11) , Russell Mael (tracks: 11)

Tracklist :

01 Hip Kit (7:12) Remix - William Orbit/Vocals - Catherine Ringer , Ginger , Russell Mael
02 Nuit D'Ivresse (6:35) Remix - Fat Freddy
03 Le Petit Train (4:57) Remix - Fat Freddy
04 Tongue Dance (5:05) Remix - Mark Moore ,William Orbit
05 Andy Bassapella (6:08) Remix - Jesse Johnson
06 Don't Forget The Nite (4:45) Remix - Les Rita Mitsouko ,Tony Visconti
07 C'Est Comme Ça (7:25) Remix - Les Rita Mitsouko ,Tony Visconti
08 Andy Live (6:52) Remix - Fat Freddy
09 Marcia Baila (5:56) Remix - Les Rita Mitsouko ,Tony Visconti
10 Jalousie (6:00) Remix - Dee Nasty , Fat Freddy
11 Singing In The Shower (5:46) Featuring - Sparks/Remix - William Orbit

Link to download:

"Coincidentally Madonna and les Rita Mitsouko (the band) both shot to fame in 1983. Bigger coincidence still, they both released a 'greatest hits' type album in 1990 with up-to-date remixes of their best tunes (The Immaculate Collection and RE, respectively).The craziest cioncidence is this: both collaborated with William Orbit (in 1998 for Madonna, in 1990 for Les Rita). Les Rita Mitsouko's absolute bilingual gem (part French, part-English), RE, featuring remixes by Orbit, Dee Nasty, Fat Freddy and Tony Visconti is quite simply a legend and a pioneering piece if ever there was one.I'm still in shock at the discovery. I knew les Rita's 90s work predominantly but this summary of their 80s avant-garde, atypical genius is a revelation. Whatever you think of their work, this album will not leave you indifferent.In fact, it's probably the best selection of electro-pop-rock songs I've heard in years, and that's saying something. Every track is catchy and of rare quality (especially tracks 6 to 11).So Madonna isn't the only one to have produced 20 years of consistent groundbreaking, innovative, original and beautiful music after all. Les Rita were right there from the start and they are still going strong.PS: I also recommend Systeme D, 1993 - Cool Frenesie, 2000 - La Femme Trombone des R, 2002... Enjoy!"

SYSTEME D (1993)

Tracklist :

01 Au Fond Du Couloir (3:45)
02 Get Up, Get Older (5:21)
03 Y'a D'la Haine (4:37)
04 La Steppe (4:39)
05 Les Amants (5:17)
06 L'hôtel Particulier (3:36)
07 Femme D'affaires (3:39)
08 My Love Is Bad (4:53)
09 Chanson D'a (3:16)
10 Elevator (2:26)
11 Godfather Of Soul (3:33)
12 Cheres Petites (4:31)
13 La Belle Vie (5:08)
14 Moderne Baleine (6:11)

Link to download:

"This CD was released in 1993 and still feels fresh. Even though I do not understand French I often pick this CD to get some positive energy in the system. It always makes me smile again. It's very funky, but with some world music influences, especially african and arabic, so I guess it's no accident that it was recorded in Morocco..."

"Several years ago I saw some music videos by Les Rita on a local TV station. I discovered their album, "The No Comprendo" in a record store. I was totally hooked! Ms. Catherine Ringer is a true diva but much more twisted (and talented) than the average pop siren. "Systeme D" is a great showcase of not only the talent of Ringer, but also of the knowing musicianship of the duo. It's bizarre in parts, but that's what I love about it. The first song is rife with sexual innuendo, but it's all in French if that makes a difference. Yes, you'll find English material here as well, which should give you a good idea where the band is coming from lyric-wise. If you're a Francophile or just adore edgy,new-wavy music with style, try this disc."

"If you are not totally won over in the first few SECONDS of the opening track, well, you're hopelessly SERIOUS. This is fun, fun, FUN and it follows its own rules. Catherine's zesty vocal acrobatics are astounding and delightful and the music is SO infectious and timeless. This could've benefitted from a bit of editing, at 14 tracks, it gets a BIT same-y sounding, but, that's nit-picking, and you get more bang for your buck. If you'd prefer your dance music to have gusto and surprises, then consider checking this out..."

"This is one of the most espectacular CD that I have. Catherine is the best singer of the world. Rita's Rules."

"A duet with iggy pop! A faithful cover of Serge Gainsbourg's "L'Hotel Particular." French! Tasty!"

Y’A D’La Haine 12’’ (1993)

01 Yak Horn mix
02 Album version
03 Propane mix
04 Quatum Crunch mix

Link to download:


Tracklist :

01 Nuit D'Ivresse (3:22)
02 Andy (6:08)
03 Stupid Anyway (4:27)
04 Marcia Baila (5:58)
05 Ailleurs (3:54)
06 Les Histoires D'A (3:53)
07 Les Consonnes (4:54)
08 Les Amants (5:26)
09 Riche (4:31)
10 Y'A D'La Haine (4:33)
11 Cheres Petites (4:57)
12 La Tailles Du Bambou (3:45)
13 C'est Comme Ca (5:27)

Link to dwonload:

Product Description
The First Unplugged Album from Rita Mistouko. Including New Versions of their Great Titles plus Three New Songs. Recorded Live at L'Opus Cafe in Paris in October 1996.

"Les Rita Mitsouko may be virtually unknown outside the francophone world, but they have produced some real belters. The sound is rather like a mix Siouxsie meets the Cocteau Twins, this album gives good acoustic renditions of some of their most popular singles. The "unplugged" versions aren't as remote from the originals as is sometimes the case, this is a good place to start if you don't know Les Rita at all, or if you've heard some of their music in the past - if you've ever lived in France at any tiem during the last fifteen years, you will have heard them unless you had your head in a bucket. And they provided the best gig of the night at the recent Paleo festival..."

"This CD has Rita Mitsouko's greatest hits performed live! She sounds great here. Iis is great party music"


Tracklist :

01 Cool Frénésie (3:52)
02 Femme De Moyen Age (4:46)
03 Toi & Moi & Elle (5:34)
04 La Sorciere Et L'Inquisiteur (4:34)
05 Dis-Moi Des Mots (4:26)
06 Allo ! (4:49)
07 Gripshitrider In Paris (4:13)
08 C'Etait Un Homme (4:34)
09 Les Guerriers (3:32)
10 Fatigué D'Etre Fatigué (4:20)
11 Pense A Ta Carriere (5:16)
12 Un Zéro (4:16)
13 Alors C'Est Quoi (3:41)
14 Jam (6:37)

Link to dwonload:

"French music of the 80s and 90s wouldn't have been the same without les Rita Mitsouko. Their peculiar yet enchanting songs gave dissonance a platform and an aggressive, ever-changing style of music to evolve in.However, just like fine wine matures with the years, they produced their best album with Cool Frénésie. Resorting to the newest sounds, at times obscure lyrics and fairytale-like social critique, they have not only taken their art up to the next generation, they have created a rare combination of innovation and elaboration.Understanding a little French could be useful but ultimately, a French dictionnary and the lyrics to hand (which are provided in the booklet) are reason enough to dive into the most original trip of recent years.Poetry, philosophy, sociology and a good helping of humour make this album a consecration of les Rita Mitsouko."

"This is a fabulous CD, but it sure makes me miss being in Montreal. Francophone CDs aren't considered imports there, so you don't have to pay triple the price. Also, I noticed (and perhaps this is because it is an import) the cover art is different from the original. My favorite track is Cool Frenesie. Excellent blend of new and old"

"I love it. It will take you a couple listen to get used to it but you'll love it. In this brand new album, Fred et Catherine mix electronic music with funk and world music in their own unique way. it is their first album of brand new material in seven years. Definitely different from their previous work but one of their best albums so far. Make sure to check out their websites (one of them is in french and english) If you are a fan of Les Rita Mitsouko, buy it. If you like good music, buy it too. I remember growing up in France listening to two of their best albums - 1988's "Marc et Robert" and 1986's "The No Comprendo". Though inconsistent, they were and still are one of the best french bands around. Too bad we do not have other bands like them. One album by a different group that I would recommend is 1982's "angst in my pants" by the Sparks. Buy the way, Les Rita Mitsouko collaborated with them on "Marc et Robert"."


Tracklist :

01 Femmes de moyen âge
02 Le petit train
03 Modern baleine
04 Les histoires d'a
05 Les guerriers
06 C'était un homme
07 Fatigué
08 All
o9 Singing in the shower
10 Toi moi elle
11 La sorcière et l'inquisiteur
12 Cool frénésie
13 Alors c'est quoi
14 Andy
15 C'est comme ça

Link to download (192 kbs):

BESTOV (2001)

Tracklist :

01 Nuit d'Ivresse Listen
02 Don't Forget the Nite Listen
03 Petit Train Listen
04 Hip Kit Listen
05 Marcia Baila Listen
06 Cool Frenesie Listen
07 Andy Listen
08 Femme de Moyen-Age Listen
09 Soriere & l'Inquisiteur Listen
10 Mandolino City Listen
11 Modern Baleine Listen
12 Amants Listen
13 Histoires d'A Listen
14 Y'a d'La Haine Listen
15 Allo Listen
16 C'est Comme Ca Listen

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"This CD provides happiness and musical wonder in a convenient sound carrier unit. Generally speaking, Les Rita Mitsouko (the Ritas, for short) aren't much known outside of the French-speaking world. A pity. But if you've ever lived, worked, studied or for that matter been in France you'll probably have heard them without knowing it. Their inimitable elecrotrash/opera/funk/house/folk combo is here for all to hear and takes in a representative mix of some of their earliest hits like the pure 80s "Hip Kit", the cheesy rock n roll of "Don't Forget the Nite" and the rock belter "C'est comme ça", all the way through to the smooth n sexy pop-loungecore of their later stuff like "Femme de Moyen Age". The chanteuse goes by the name of Catherine Ringer and it's a bit like listening to Alison Moyet on helium - great power and a mindboggling range. Don't speak French? No problem. Some of the tracks are in English and the music speaks volumes on its own. Guaranteed to put a smile on your face when it's a rainy Monday and you've got the auditors in. Let the Ritas into your life with this most excellent collection."

"Ever since my days as a college student at La Sorbonne in Paris, France, I have loved Les Rita Mitsuko! and still do! This newer Cd has done it finally--it has brought together all of their greatest tunes! Now if only we could have all of the music clips on one great VHS tape (or pricey DVD-Je suppose!!)"


Accordion - Catherine Ringer (tracks: 8)/Bass - Iso Diop (tracks: 1 to 13)/Co-producer, Recorded By, Mixed By - Mitch Olivier/Drum Programming - Fred Chichin (tracks: 1 to 4, 7, 8, 12) , Iso Diop (tracks: 5)/Drums - Mark Kerr (tracks: 9, 12, 13)/ Drums [Additional] - Mark Kerr (tracks: 5, 6, 11)/Flute - Catherine Ringer (tracks: 9)/Guitar - Catherine Ringer (tracks: 3, 5, 10, 11, 12) , Fred Chichin (tracks: 1 to 13) , Iso Diop(tracks: 1 to 6, 8 to13) , Thomas Dutronc (tracks: 2) Guitar [Solo] - Thomas Dutronc (tracks: 8)/Keyboards - Catherine Ringer (tracks: 2, 5, 8, 9, 10, 13) , Fred Chichin (tracks: 1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 8, 9, 11, 12) , Fred Montabord (tracks: 7) , Iso Diop (tracks: 5, 9, 10) Mastered By - Ian Cooper/Organ - Iso Diop (tracks: 1, 2)/Percussion - Catherine Ringer (tracks: 2)/Producer - Iso Diop , Les Rita Mitsouko/ Recorded By - Fred Chichin/Sampler - Fred Chichin (tracks: 7)/Synthesizer - Catherine Ringer (tracks: 1)/Trombone - Glenn Ferris (tracks: 5, 7) Vocals - Catherine Ringer (tracks: 2 to 13)/Vocals [Noise] - Eklips (2) (tracks: 5, 12)

Tracklist :

01 Entrée (1:26)
02 Evasion (3:06)
03 Vieux Rodéo (3:37)
04 Triton (4:09)
05 Trop Bonne (4:03)
06 Tous Mes Voeux (3:45)
07 Tu Me Manques (4:49)
08 J'Applaudis (3:30)
09 Melodica (2:38)
10 Interlude (1:26)
11 Ce Sale Ton (3:31)
12 Sacha (3:41)
13 1928 (3:35)

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"Still sounds like Les Rita Mitsouko, but they've lost some of that silly pop sound, so this effort sounds much more mature and listenable. I liked the early albums, too, but don't play them so much anymore. This one is contemporary and I'm currently enjoying it a lot!"

"You could never say if Catherine and Fred were pop, rock or electro band. They took whatever they like and made albums that were between genres but always were high quality. This one is more rock like and they use rock guitar often, but it is better than 'Cool Frenesie' Get it, even if you don't know french (like me :) )"


Tracklist :

01 Écoutez la Chanson Bien Douce
02 Patinait Merveilleusement
03 O Triste
04 Triton
05 Fille Venue du Droid
06 Guerriers
07 Man Needs a Maid
08 Mad Rush
09 Velours des Vierges
10 Ou Sont-Ils Donc?
11 Trop Bonne
12 Sorciere et l'Inquisiteur
13 Andy

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Product Description
L’orchestre Lamoureux : It’s a Symphonic Orchestra Who’s Keen on Cross-over Projets with Different Artists from Different Music Genre. They have Been Founded in 1881 by Charles Lamoureux and Has Been Directed by the Most Greatest ! Les Rita Mitsouko have Recorded Some Songs with the Orchestra on an Evening Dedicated to Léo Ferré a French Famous Poet.

"I really like this performance. It's more soothing and not as off-beat & quirky as usual LRM fare. VERY enjoyable. Tres bien!"

VARIÉTY (Edition De Luxe) (2007)

Tracklist :

01 L`ami Ennemi
02 Communiqueur D`amour
03 Reverie
04 Berceuse
05 Meme Si
06 Rendez-Vous Avec Moi-Meme
07 She`s A Chameleon
08 Soir De Peine
09 Badluck Queen
10 Ma Vieille Ville
11 Ding Ding Dong
12 Terminal Beauty
13 Berceuse (Version Chinois Mandarin)
14 Communic's Hearts In Love
15 Terminal Beaute

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" The work on Les Rita Mitsouko is as crafted and splendid as a fine piece of jewelry. If you listen to Variety in reverse, you can clearly hear 'Tie A Yellow Ribbon Round the Ole Oak Tree' by Tony Orlando and Dawn. Diabolical! This fantastic contribution to the pop legend was recorded in just 4 hours in the corridors of Grand Central Station. Variety is nothing earth shattering however, it's a pure 2000s."

Les Rita Mitsouko came together in the Spring of 1979 when guitarist Fred Chichin and singer Catherine Ringer began working on the same theater production. Upon their first meeting, they were inseparable, talking until they realized they should start the band together. Ringer decided to take on lyrical duties, while Chichin became the resident instrumentalist. They debuted later that year, with Ringer on the organ and Chichin on guitar, while everything else was prerecorded. Around this time they also drafted Jean Naplin into the mix, although he was never a member; he contributed songs to most of their albums and became a frequent collaborator. They realized early that the chemistry they had developed did not translate well to other musicians, thus they decided to keep the group a duo. They performed around Europe, playing several clubs and bars until finally playing under the name les Rita Mitsouko for the first time in November of 1980. They were a very popular live act at the time, and they collaborated with other artists often, most notably with playwright Armando Llamas before his death in 1981. The band signed to Virgin Records in 1982, giving them their first opportunity to release a single. "Minuit Dansant" was the song, and critics immediately branded the band minimalists. The B-side of the record, "Don't Forget the Nite," became a surprise radio hit and was re-released as the A-side soon after. They moved to Cologne and began recording their eponymous debut album, and by the end of 1984 the album was out and "La Jalousie" and "Marcia Baila" became big hits in Europe. Ensuing tours with the Smiths and Kid Creole revealed their growing popularity, and by 1986 they were ready to record their second album. Filmmaker Jean-Luc Goddard filmed the process, resulting in the oddball documentary Soigne Ta Droite, which is of interest chiefly because of the unreleased material that appears on the soundtrack. Producer Tony Visconti was brought in, and the recording process was moved to England to finish the project. The No Comprendo was finally released at the end of the year to a big reception, making them one of the hottest bands in Europe and winning them many music awards. The band moved to New York in early 1987 to hold auditions for a live band. The following tour, which covered most of Europe, was an enormous success and led to the eventual re-launching of La Cigale, an old theater that the band enjoyed. During the tour they also made friends with Sparks, who invited them to collaborate at some point in the future. Musicians like Boy George and Michael Hutchence voiced their interest in working with the group, but these projects failed to go anywhere and the band just moved ahead to the next album. Marc et Robert was the next album, written mostly in the studio, and featuring songs written and performed with Sparks. Another tour followed, leading to the construction of the band's new studio in their home. By 1990, they decided to release a remix album (Re) and perform a month-long engagement at La Cigale. The performances were so successful that the two agreed to prolong the appearance, staying until January of 1991. It was then that they realized that they wanted to record their albums on-stage at La Cigale, leading to the construction of an elaborate recording setup in the theater. They began work on the album in 1992, eventually releasing Systeme D in November of 1993. More hits appeared, including a duet with Iggy Pop on "My Love Is Bad." Another European tour resulted from the release, and they worked with several other musicians during their trips, including Coba and Richard Galliano. A live album was released next, Acoustiques, which sparked another tour through Eastern Europe. Their records were properly released to America in 1999, and following a quiet period they reappeared in 2000 with the Cool Frenesie album. ~ Bradley Torreano, All Music Guide

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FUTURE CONDITIONAL - We Don't Just Disappear (2007) (Piano Magic related)

Future Conditional has celebrated the late-‘70s/early-‘80s synth-pop experimentation of OMD, New Order and Kraftwerk

Electronic, Pop
Electro, Synth-pop

Mastered By - Mandy Parnell /Performer - Cedric Pin /Performer, Written-By - Glen Johnson/ Recorded By [Vocals] - Benoit De Villeneuve (tracks: 4) , Guy Fixsen (tracks: 5, 6, 8) , Ian Catt (tracks: 3, 7, 10) , Jerome Tcherneyan (tracks: 2) /Vocals - Angele David-Guillou (tracks: 2, 3, 6, 10) , Bobby Wratten (tracks: 3, 7, 10) , Glen Johnson (tracks: 5, 8) ,Melanie Pain (track 4)/Voice [Spoken Word] - Carolyn Allen (tracks: 7) /Vocals, Recorded By - Dan Matz (track 1)/Written-By - Cedric Pin (tracks: 1 to 8, 10)

Tracklist :

01 Bright Lights & Wandering (8:47)
02 Broken Robots (4:56)
03 We Don't Just Disappear (4:27)
04 The Switchboard Girl (4:53)
05 Substance Fear (6:41)
06 Crying's What You Need (4:54)
07 The Volunteer (4:17)
08 The Last Engineer (4:29)
09 Typos (4:29)
10 Your Love Leaves Me Colder (6:22)

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LTM is pleased to present the debut album by Future Conditional, the all-new electro-pop project from Piano Magic mainstays Glen Johnson and Cedric Pin.Drawing inspiration from classic analog synth-pop by the likes of New Order, Kraftwerk, OMD and Section 25, the album updates the retro-futurist mix with a stellar selection of guest vocalists, including Melanie Pain (Nouvelle Vague), Bobby Wratten (Field Mice/Trembling Blue Stars), Angele David-Guillou (Klima/Piano Magic), Carolyn Allen (The Wake) and Dan Matz (Windsor for the Derby). The 10-track album was produced by Glen and Cedric in 2006. Standout tracks include Switchboard Girl (sung by Melanie), Broken Robots (sung by Angele) and the title track, featuring Bobby."Future Conditional isn't just an exercise in nostalgia. We are, in some way paying homage to the groups we love and inspire us, but we're also experimenting with the glacial electro/human emotional interface. The future is a robot with a human heart." (Glen Johnson)

"There seems to be more than your usual amount of retro-fetishism going on at the moment, all you have to do is look at Ebay’s musical instruments section and see how rabid people are for vintage musical gear, almost no-matter whether it’s actually good or not. Future Conditional is a new project from Piano Magic fellers Glen Johnson and Cedric Pin and along with a whole host of friendly collaborators (Melanie Pain (Nouvelle Vague), Bobby Wratten (Field Mice/Trembling Blue Stars), Angele David-Guillou (Klima/Piano Magic), Carolyn Allen (The Wake) and Dan Matz (Windsor for the Derby)) they have managed to put together ten tracks of retroist pop goodness. The first thing you’ll notice is just how much they manage to nail the sound, as I mentioned there are no shortage of people making vintage electro right now, but very few of them actually manage to come off sounding convincing. Future Conditional however sound so darned authentic I wouldn’t have been surprised if someone said this was a lesser known album from 1982. Just check ‘Crying’s What You Need’ – the production is pure New Order (pure OMD to my mind -salty) and all the better for it, or the album’s closing opus ‘Your Love Leaves me Colder’, but far from being an exercise in merely style over content, Johnson and Pin actually manage to make their songs sound memorable and really rather sweet. It’s often forgotten that what was great about this era of production was the fact you’d be humming the songs for weeks afterward – there’s a reason why Blue Monday is the biggest selling 12” of all time and it’s not simply down to the production. Johnson and Pin may have cut their teeth making electronic shoegazing bliss but on ‘We Don’t Just Disappear’ they show also that they can transpose their songwriting skill into the world of electro-pop, and it works marvellously. Enjoyable retro electro fun, and that’s not something you’ll hear me say too often!"

"the intimate synth textures of future conditonal's debut can be really hypnotic. you're listening to their soft electropop and you find yourself being sucked in to the vortex of emotions. this is largely in part of the chilly but accessible vocals of the bit players. this includes guest vocals by melanie pain (nouvelle vague), bobby wratten (trembling blue stars), angele david-guillou (klima/piano magic) and dan matz (windsor for the derby). what attracted these people to lend their voices to this mix? probably belief in the material. while hardly groundbreaking, the music in this album is very beautiful. the synths are exquisitely layered and sound really warm, like beating hearts."

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